Gift Canisters

Dress up your dinner party or special occasion with our gift canisters of freshly-popped organic popcorn. Each canister holds a half gallon of delicious popcorn in a stylish gift-ready package. Choose from our most popular flavors — from caramel confections to exotic savory blends.

Why canisters, and not tins?

Though tins are often used to package popcorn, we took a different approach. Our goal was to find a container made of recycled materials to limit our impact on the environment, and to avoid the metallic flavor and mass-market feeling of a popcorn tin. These sturdy paper canisters are beautifully accented with our distinctive designs, making a gorgeous gift that can be re-used as a storage container, lunchbox or bath caddy.

479° produces gourmet popcorn using premium, all-natural ingredients. We use organic ingredients whenever possible and follow artisan method of making popcorn from scratch in small batches. Based in San Francisco, California, 479° offers a variety of uniquely delicious popcorn flavors. All of our gourmet popcorn are made with heirloom organic popcorn that has not been genetically modified.

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