About 479° - Green Mission

From the very first day of operations at 479°, we implemented green business practices that support our commitment to this marvelous planet we live on. We work hard to ensure that 479° is an asset to our community and the environment, and we hope you'll join us in making choices that make a difference.

We buy local. Whenever possible, we buy products from nearby producers to reduce our carbon footprint and foster sustainability.

We compost religiously. Not a single kernel ends up in the trash.

We like trees. We minimize printing by sending forms and reports electronically. Two-sided printing and copying is standard practice in our business, and we reuse all of our paper twice for drafts, scratch paper or internal memos.

We're taking a ride on the SOLE train. We practice the four pillars of SOLE - sustainable, organic, local and ethical - by working with farmers who practice sustainable organic farming and employ fair trade practices, ensuring that both our planet and its people are well taken care of.

Bleach is checked at the front door. We only use natural, non-toxic products made by companies such as Seventh Generation to clean our kitchen.

Call us dim bulbs if you must. In our offices, we've replaced all non-dimming incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents and have replaced low wattage dimming incandescent bulbs with cold cathodes.

Business is the only mechanism on the planet today powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse global, environmental, and social degradation - Paul Hawken

479° produces gourmet popcorn using premium, all-natural ingredients. We use organic ingredients whenever possible and follow artisan method of making popcorn from scratch in small batches. Based in San Francisco, California, 479° offers a variety of uniquely delicious popcorn flavors. All of our gourmet popcorn are made with heirloom organic popcorn that has not been genetically modified.

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